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Tilt-A-Rack Two PlaceMotorcycle Carriers
210ACR's or 410ACR's with the 722ABK
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Two-Place Carriers  

A handy add-on section to the 410ACR and 210ACR making it a 2-place motorcycle carrier with a maximum load capacity of
700 lbs. If the 410ACR is purchased with the intentions of adding the other half later, the 722ABK tongue-weight limitations
for the host vehicle and receiver hitch must be noted.

You get a lot of motorcycle carrying power and free your pickup bed or vehicle for all your other necessities. Get it now, and
you'll be ready for all the upcoming rallies and great outdoor fun! Available now through your local Motorcycle dealer.

Note: Because of the additional tongue weight (700 lbs.), attach Model 722ABK Tilt-A-Rack® to a heavier vehicle, ½ ton or
greater, and use a class IV or V hitch.

We also offer an optional Bogie Wheel which attaches to the front of the rack. This allows the user to hitch, unhitch, and
maneuver the rack without difficult lifting or carrying. The Bogie Wheel is removed and stored in an out-of-the-way location
on the rack when the rack is attached to the vehicle.