The base price for the Swivelwheel-58 system is $1995.00. Options
are available. For current pricing on the Swivelwheel systems, click on
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Introducing an addition to the Swivelwheel single wheel trailer line,
with the new Swivelwheel-58 trailer. The Swivelwheel-58 system is
three feet shorter, and one foot wider the original product. The deck
dimension of 5’ long x 8’ wide reduces the overall turning radius of the
combination vehicle.

The Swivelwheel-58 may be loaded from the driver side, passenger
side, or rear. The system retains most of the features of the original
design, while adding other unique qualities.

Features Include:

  • Deck Dimension – 5’ Long x 8’ Wide.
  • 3” x 1 ½” Rectangular Steel Tubing. No Angle Iron Frame.
  • 2” x 2” Stake Bed Receivers for tie down points or mounting of
    stake-bed sides.
  • ¾” Pressure Treated & Painted Plywood Deck.
  • Torsion Axle Suspension.
  • Friction Rotor Assembly.
  • 5.70 x 8”, D-Rated, 8-Ply, Highway Speed Trailer Tire.
  • Supplied Hitch utilizes the standard Class-III or Class-IV Receiver.
  • Front Jack Stand Legs with Wheels for moving the system around
    while disconnected from the tow vehicle.
  • 1000 Pound Load capacity.
  • Safety Chains.
  • DOT Specified Integrated Lighting System with 4-Wire Flat Trailer
  • Level Deck Height @ 25 ¾”.
  • Flip-Up & Locking Deck Design. System may be flipped upward
    while on the tow vehicle for storage purposes or while parking in
    short RV spaces.
  • Manufacturers Certificate of Origin & DOT Vehicle Identification
    Number (VIN) Tag for licensing if required.

Available Options:

  • Loading Ramp Package  
  • The Center Ramp is 7’-5” long x 15” wide with a 1500 pound load
    rating. All ramps interlock with each other.
  • Spare Tire & Wheel.
  • Motorcycle Locking Wheel Chock.
  • Motorcycle V-Style Non-Locking Wheel Chock.
  • Cruiser Ramp Electric Motorcycle loader.
  • E-Track Mounting.
  • E-Track Mounting Adapters.
  • Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w/E-Track Mounting Adapter on one end
    & S-Hook on the other.
  • Dual Point Hook-Up Assembly. This hitch allows the systems
    tongue weight to be distributed over two points connected to the
    tow vehicle giving a greater stability of the deck with offset loads
    such as an electric golf cart. Requires welding of two additional
    receivers to the tow vehicle. Receivers are included.
  • Three Receiver package for motor coaches. This receiver package
    is the same receiver package included in our Cruiserlift – RV
    Motorcycle Lift system. The Dual point Hook-up Assembly will plug
    directly into the two outer receivers on the package. The center
    receiver is for standard towing.
Fast Master Products developed the Swivelwheel product line with a
Torsion Suspension system incorporated. This suspension gives superior
support and ride for the loads being applied to the deck. This suspension
assures us that the Swivelwheel-58 system can withstand a 1000
Pound load.

The tire is a 5.70 x 8”, D-Rated, 8-Ply, Highway Speed Trailer Tire. The
load rating with this tire is 1075 pounds @ 100 psi cold inflation. This
tire will never see 1075 pounds at a 1000 pound deck load.

This tire is highway speed rated for 65 mph. I know what you’re
thinking! I drive at 70 and 75 mph when I travel. I know that some
highways have speed limits of 75 mph, but the trailer tire manufacturers
have told us that the majority of the trailer tires on the market today
have a speed rating of 65 mph. Some fifth wheel trailers use a light
truck tire (LT235/75R16) that will withstand higher speeds and have
an 80 pound cold inflation pressure.

The fact is …… tire ratings are specified by the tire manufacturers. All I
can say is..... that what you choose to do with that information is up to
you. I have had travel trailer tire failures at 70 mph. The damage
generated by those failures came fast, even before I could stop. After
$800.00 to $1500.00 or more in repairs, I can personally afford to take
an extra 45 minutes to an hour to get where I’m going in the course of a

The Swivelwheel-58 system includes DOT lighting. Any product, be it a
trailer or a frame extension that plugs into the receiver hitch, that
extends 48" or more past the tow vehicles tail lights must follow DOT
lighting or flagging regulations. I know of products out there that are
violation of this standard law that most states follow. All Swivelwheel
systems include RT Turn, Lt Turn, Stop, and Running Lights as well as
license plate light.

Out of curiosity I pulled up the regulations from a number of states and
found that they all follow the DOT regulations. Below is an example from
the state of California.

California Regulation #24604: Whenever the load upon any vehicle
extends, or whenever any integral part of any vehicle projects, to the
rear 48” or more (including extended platforms) beyond the rear of the
vehicle, as measured from the “tail lamps”, there shall be displayed at
the extreme end of the load or projected part of the vehicle during
darkness. In addition to the required tail lamp, two red lights with a bulb
rated not in excess of six candlepower plainly visible from a distance of
at least 500 feet to the sides and rear. At any other time there shall be
displayed at the extreme end of the load or projecting part of the vehicle
a solid red or fluorescent orange flag or cloth not less than 12 inches

As the original Swivelwheel system, the swivelwheel-58 system
includes a hitch assembly that plugs directly into a standard Class-III or
Class-IV 2” ID receiver on the tow vehicle. The hitch has two adjustable
upright plates that connect to the front of the system with 5/8 x 3” bent
hitch pins. This connection allows the system to pivot up and down at the
front for driveway and road transitions, but will not allow the system to
swing from side to side. You cannot jackknife or fishtail this product. It
will always track with the tow vehicle. If you back up, the system will
track with the tow vehicle. No need to disconnect the system to back up.
The adjustment holes in the plates allow for the leveling of the deck. For
heavier, offset loads, the dual hitch mount may be required. As an
example, an electric golf cart with batteries weighs about 660 pounds at
the rear tires and 345 pounds at the front tires. If loaded onto the deck,
it would be side heavy. The dual point connection would be required to
stabilize the deck load.


A unique feature of The Swivelwheel-58 system is the flip-up deck. The
deck can be flipped upward and locked into position while attached to
the vehicle, for storage or while parking into a short RV space. This
feature was not designed for driving while in the raised position.

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The Cruiser Ramp Electric Motorcycle Loader may also be incorporated
into the Swivelwheel-58 system. This allows the motorcycle to be pulled
onto the deck without riding up ramps.

Front Jack Stand Legs are provided with the system so that the
swivelwheel-58 may be moved around while detached from the tow
vehicle. These legs are removable for storage. You don’t have to find
someone to help lift the front of the product to roll it away.

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There are three 2” x 2” ID Stake bed receivers on the front and rear
ends of the system for tie-down use or for mounting of stake bed sides.

Tongue weights will vary with the deck load as well as where the load is
situated within the deck perimeter. The below example is with a HD Fat
Boy loaded in the center of the deck into a locking wheel chock.

Weights with HD Fat Boy Motorcycle

HD Fat Boy Motorcycle (Centered)   =    690 Lbs    

System Weight                             =    404 Lbs

Weight at the system tire               =    574 Lbs

Tongue Weight                           =    501 Lbs
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The SwivelWheel-58 Gallery

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The photos below are a sampling of systems installed onto a
variety of coaches, sent by customers and installers.
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