SwivelWheel 46
The Swivelwheel-46 system has a base price of $1395.00.
There are various options available. To view the current
prices, click the
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The Swivelwheel-46 single wheel trailer is available with a
deck dimension of 6' Wide x 4' long. This reduces the overall
length from the original Swivelwheel system by 4 feet, and
reduces the overall width by 1 foot.

Each of the three Swivelwheel trailers has its own market
place. This gives you the choice of systems for your specific
needs. If just transporting a generator, the Swivelwheel-46
system will handle your needs. If transporting a full size
motorcycle, the Swivelwheel-78 or Swivelwheel-58 systems
would be utilized.

The Swivelwheel-46 system is shipped with a torsion
suspension assembly that allows for a load capacity of 600
pounds. This system may be towed behind any vehicle with a
Class-III or Class-IV receiver. The tow vehicle does not have
to be a full size pickup or SUV as with the Swivelwheel-78
and Swivelwheel-58 systems.

This system was designed for those individuals that need just
a little more storage space while traveling for generators,
coolers, scooters, electric wheelchairs, etc. The
Swivelwheel-46 systems utilize the standard Swivelwheel
single point hitch assembly.

A unique feature with this product is the ability to flip the
system upright for storage. One of the greatest problems
with owning a trailer, especially in a restricted neighborhood
is finding a place to store it. If you leave the trailer out in
sight, you start getting the nasty letters telling you to move
it. The swivelwheel-46 system has an optional flip-up adapter
that allows you to turn the system upright and roll it into the
garage, against the wall. This is a one person operation.

Freight quoted separately.
The SwivelWheel-46 Gallery

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The photos below are a sampling of systems installed onto a
variety of coaches, sent by customers and installers.
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