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The main ramp extension allows customers that have The
main ramp extension allows customers that have 18” for
transporting their bikes.
custom motorcycles with a longer wheelbase an additional
18” for transporting their bikes.

•        Fits a wide variety of bike sizes
•        Easy to use release lever for tilting
•        Folds out of the way when not in use
•        Includes anti-rattle hitch lock

Softride's Access Versa: The ultimate two bike solution!

Complementing its long history of innovative bike racks
Softride has introduced the Access Versa bike rack, the
most revolutionary wheel mount bike rack in the

Upon first sight you will notice the Access Versa bike
rack is different from those in its class. Its cylindrical
aluminum tubing accommodates virtually any bike
including Y frame bikes. A steel powder coated frame
completes the structure making the Access Versa the
ultimate in strength and aesthetics. This 2 bike rack can
handle any size bike from kid's bikes to full suspension
mountain bikes. Not only can the Access Versa bike
rack easily carry a wide range of bikes, it utilizes a
spring loaded pull pin handle making it easy to tilt the
rack down if you forget to put your cooler in the back
of your vehicle.

The Access Versa's ability to tilt down for access to the
rear of your vehicle is almost as impressive as its ability
to compress to the about the size of a temporary
spare tire when it is not in use. Simply fold the Access
Versa's "hoop arm" down, slide the frame tubes in and
the rack is stowed and ready for transport. This fact
alone makes the Access Versa bike rack a maverick,
triumphing over an industry full of bulky wheel mounted

Softride did not stop after they designed the most
versatile and lightweight rack on the market. They also
developed durable rubberized straps to ensure your
bikes stay put while you are driving. Further, they
included their ingenious QuietRide hitch tightening
system to eliminate the slack in the receiver and to
protect your vehicle’s drive train. This system also has
a hitch lock to ensure your precious rack remains safe
from unauthorized removal. If you are in the market for
a rack that provides the widest range of accessibility
the Access Versa bike rack is the obvious choice for

**30 day satisfaction guarantee
SoftRide Access VERSA Rack
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